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IOM 2018 / Amanda Nero

Implementation of the Los Angeles Declaration

To implement the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, countries made commitments to build regional coordination of migration management in order to provide efficient and adequate care and access to protection for refugees and migrants. Endorsing countries agreed on an implementation plan in line with the process followed by US President Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit in 2016.

Special Coordinators were selected from each endorsing country at the Principal level or higher to help lead this process. At the Inaugural Meeting of Special Coordinators in Washington DC in 2022, countries identified eleven areas for action -named “action packages”- which are framed within the declaration pillars. Endorsing countries then volunteered to lead committees to meet and develop shared policy commitments. These “Action Package Committees” implement the Los Angeles Declaration.

Endorsing countries met at the level of Foreign Minister for the first Los Angeles Declaration Ministerial Meeting in Lima, Peru, in October 2022, to endorse the implementation process, report on progress, and announce additional commitments.

Ministers of endorsing countries also confirmed their leadership and participation in the eleven Action Package Committees. They can be accessed by clicking on the four pillars below.

Key Pillars

The Los Angeles Declaration is organized around four key pillars and eleven action packages