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Promoting a Coordinated Emergency Response
Pillar Four

Promoting a Coordinated Emergency Response

The Americas is a continent of dynamic movements. Such movements occur within subregions as well as at a continental level and respond to diverse factors such as economic pursuits, employment opportunities, security concerns, human rights violations, environmental changes and political drivers, among others.

In response to the challenges presented by these migration trends, and recognizing the importance of promoting safe, orderly, and regular migration, as well as ensuring the safety of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in the region, the countries that endorsed the Los Angeles Declaration intend to cooperate in emergency response and humanitarian assistance during instances of large-scale migration and refugee influxes.  

It is important to address these situations in an integrated manner, providing adequate protection and assistance to migrants while most importantly, promoting sustainable development measures that address the underlying causes of these movements.

To achieve this goal, it is proposed to enhance current regional coordination mechanisms and as appropriate, the participation of civil society and international organizations to advance those aims.

This includes strengthening and combining information sharing and analysis, supporting and enhancing existing coordination efforts to gain efficiency in accordance with national legislation, enhancing early warning systems, leveraging existing relevant fora and processes such as private and public endeavours to roll out durable solutions. 

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